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Format(s): Advertising Campaign with OOH, Digital, Website, SEM, and Social components

My Role: Campaign Lead

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I'm interested in hearing from hiring managers & recruiters regarding Director or VP level roles, board membership, or Consulting opportunities.

10-Second Expert


Format(s): Paid & Organic Social, Video, Gifs, Web Microsite

My Role: Social Strategy Lead & Content Creator

Recent Work

Social Customer Care


Format(s): Integrated marketing campaign with Display, Social, Video, Blog, and Whitepaper

My Role: Campaign  Lead & Author

Local Guides/City Experts


Format(s): Loyalty program with product & marketing elements, website, events, email marketing

My Role: Global Program Lead

Systems Point of View 


Format(s): Social Media, Video, Blog, Influencer Program, Employee Advocacy Program

My Role: Social Strategy Lead & Blog Owner

Notes: Winner of 2016 AVA Digital Gold Award and 2016 Hermes Platinum Award

Linus Tech Tips & IBM Systems


Format(s): Influencer Campaign with Video & Social Channel Takeover at Event

My Role: Global Head of Influencer Marketing/Lead Social Strategist

To New Memories


Format(s): TV, Social, Display, Affiliate, Web, Email, Blog, PR/Comms

My Role: Global Head of Social Media

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